Sunday, May 27, 2012

Empty Nesters

Our nest of the past 6 years is empty. With a lot of hard work, long hours and the help of friends and family, we were able to pack and move everything out in 3 days!

Our office is finally clean!
                                                                                                                                                                 And so is our storage room.

It seems a little odd leaving the place where our dream began, but renovations on our new home are coming along nicely and we're excited about this progression of our business. By the time our new nest is ready, we'll have more revived vintage furniture, lots of new home decor items and who knows what other treasures we'll have found! In the meantime, Nancy's son (and our prize furniture mover!) will be graduating from high school and I'll make a long overdue trip to Oregon to visit my daughter and her family.

One last look before we go.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Amazing Friends

With our time schedule unexpectedly moved up, panic was beginning to set in this morning. Friends to the rescue! We'll never be able to thank Linda, Donna and Bob enough for all their help. They were dynamos and packed an amazing amount of merchandise in a short amount of time. We ran out of boxes at one point and the local ACE Hardware told me I could have all I wanted from the recycle bin in back. This was my first adventure in actual dumpster diving. I drug out all the boxes that I could reach, but stopped short of actually climbing in! A girl has to draw the line somewhere. Thanks to all the help, everything was ready when Nancy's son, Ben showed up with the utility trailer and friends and my sweet husband arrived with the stock trailer. Nancy came as soon as school was out (have we mentioned she's a teacher?) and her husband, Terry got off work just in time to start loading. Even Nancy's sister-in-law, Peggy came when she got off work and Caren and Heidi of the Quilted Moose pitched in, too. There are still some furniture pieces that wouldn't fit in, but most of it is loaded and ready to head to its new home. I'd love to show pictures of the crew at work, but my camera told me its battery was dead (maybe it was just as tired as we are). We're amazed with all we got done.

Chicks on the Move

The dreaded packing has begun. The moving sale has been a huge success and we still have SO much to pack. We worked last night until we ran out of packing paper and bubble wrap. Back at it today. Trailers should arrive this evening to move things to storage until our new nest is ready.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two Women Barn Bazaar south of Spokane, WA

At the Two Women Barn Bazaar near Spokane, WA
It is a country setting with lots of out buildings.
Someone said there were 40 venders.
Sandi is having fun visiting with one of the venders, Audri, from Audri's Attic.  We
were interested in the large gold mirror in the background.
The mirror did come home with us.  Ya!!!!

Along the way we ran into some old friends looking
for great finds.  Here Sue is holding her find of the day-a
wooden garden angel.  They were going to find a way to
put a stake on the back for the garden.

Sandi is having just too much fun.  Every time I turned around
she was telling another vender about our store and our new
blogspot.  Aren't the flowers on the right cute.  They would be good
for the gardener with a brown thumb.

These gentlemen were enjoying the shade by one of the out
buildings.  The band was about to start playing in the back
ground.  This just shows how laid back this event was.  Lots
and lots of people and cars, but everyone is having a great

The first booth beyond the entry gate is full of wonderful
herbs and plants in little burlap sacks, old enamel basins, pots and buckets.  They are a return
vendor to this event and I can't wait each year to see what they come
up with next.  I have bought lots of lavender from them
in the past.

Needless to say Sandi and I had a great time and spent way too much money.
As our blog says we really enjoy shopping and finding the deals.  Many of the deals
that we found this day are not for the store, but are for our own homes.  I am hosting
a graduation party for my senior son on June 2nd and I just knew that some of
these would be great patio decorations.  I will let you know how I incorporated them

Friday, May 18, 2012

The other side of the road....

We are new to blogging. Our store has been open for six years, and we've known it is something we've needed to do. We wanted to do it. Moving to a new building has given us the momentum to finally get things in gear and get with it. Please be patient as we stumble along, learning how to do this with any sort of style. There will be changes as we go along and learn more about what we're doing. It is definitely a trial and error type of learning. Feel free to make suggestions as we attempt to create a more inviting, amusing and hopefully informative blog. We're chicks fleeing the nest and learning as we go. Meet us on the other side of the road, because that is, literally, where we're going!

Our new nest. Big changes on the way!

This will soon have a whole new look inside and out as it becomes our new nest. Walls are already coming down to brighten and open up the space, a new awning and signs will be going up along with fresh paint. Potted trees and flowers will stand beside the door to invite you in where a fresh new look will greet you. Hope to see you there soon.
We moved 2 big trailer loads of supplies and seasonal decor to the new building today. Just about totally filled the upstairs storage room! The real packing starts tomorrow. It's going to be a really busy next couple of weeks.

Auction Tonight

Cool bar for the store
Look at the awesome bar that is at auction tonight!  Sandi and I are taking off after I get done teaching school and are heading out to see if it looks as cool in person.  The back side is set up for wine bottles and glasses.  We would have to alter this, but that could be done.  The top is a gray granite.  Can't you just see it as a check out site in the new store.
Wish us luck.  There were another couple of items that were calling our names to repurpose and paint, but it is all up to the bidding.
Sandi and I are becoming addicted to auctions.  If the bidding isn't entertainment enough, watching the people is great fun!

From Sandi: I don't know what she means by "becoming addicted" to auctions. I think it's a done deal!

It's ours, it's all ours. Yes, Nancy and I won this beautiful heavy oak and marble bar at the auction tonight. Did I mention it's heavy? It will be our new check out counter. Sadly, the wine storage will have to go. Luckily, it just slides out. We won it for less than we were willing to pay, that's always good. And the stools came with it, an added bonus. A chick has to perch sometimes! Can't wait to get it into the store. The stools fit in the back of the Tahoe, but I'll have to go back and PU the bar. IF I measured correctly (that's a big IF), it will go in the back with an inch to spare.

Our new business cards arrived today, so things are coming together. The sale at the old location is going well which means less to move. We'll be painting like fiends for the next  few weeks, getting more furniture ready to go in. We have some vintage lamps we'll be readying, too.

 Heading out tomorrow on a research mission; checking out the latest trends and hot items in the Spokane area and getting ideas for even more great items for the store. We'll probably HAVE to have lunch at Chaps, a great restaurant owned by our friend who also owns Pink, a trendy decor boutique in downtown Spokane. Dining at Chaps is always a treat and their baked goods are heaven on a plate.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our old location.....and the transition

Welcome to our current, soon to be old location, S. 101 Main Street Colfax, WA.  We are about to pack up our furniture and move across the street to our, new to us, building at S. 122 Main Street, Colfax, WA. It is our hope to be out sometime before the 10th of June, but when the cargo trailers and men are ready to load, that is when we will pack up the store.  

The new store has some remodeling to be done and our goal is to reopen by the first of July.  Our new landlord is a wonderful man full of ambition and great ideas to get us off to a new start.  He has gutted the building of its last use (liquor store) and is currently moving walls, sheet rocking, painting, putting down new flooring and maybe, if we can pull it off, a new black and white awning.  (Keep your fingers crossed.)

Our new store will have many of our signature country chic style of garden and home furnishings, shabby chic, French country, new, vintique, gifts, clocks, chandeliers, baby things.......way too many types of things to mention or remember.

The new store will have classroom space for painting classes in the back.  We will be giving classes on how to refinish and recreate furniture, make signs, and things to do with those vintage windows.  The sky is the limit.

Wish us luck as we take on this new adventure.  Watch for updates as we move and start new projects.