Friday, May 25, 2012

Amazing Friends

With our time schedule unexpectedly moved up, panic was beginning to set in this morning. Friends to the rescue! We'll never be able to thank Linda, Donna and Bob enough for all their help. They were dynamos and packed an amazing amount of merchandise in a short amount of time. We ran out of boxes at one point and the local ACE Hardware told me I could have all I wanted from the recycle bin in back. This was my first adventure in actual dumpster diving. I drug out all the boxes that I could reach, but stopped short of actually climbing in! A girl has to draw the line somewhere. Thanks to all the help, everything was ready when Nancy's son, Ben showed up with the utility trailer and friends and my sweet husband arrived with the stock trailer. Nancy came as soon as school was out (have we mentioned she's a teacher?) and her husband, Terry got off work just in time to start loading. Even Nancy's sister-in-law, Peggy came when she got off work and Caren and Heidi of the Quilted Moose pitched in, too. There are still some furniture pieces that wouldn't fit in, but most of it is loaded and ready to head to its new home. I'd love to show pictures of the crew at work, but my camera told me its battery was dead (maybe it was just as tired as we are). We're amazed with all we got done.

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