Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our old location.....and the transition

Welcome to our current, soon to be old location, S. 101 Main Street Colfax, WA.  We are about to pack up our furniture and move across the street to our, new to us, building at S. 122 Main Street, Colfax, WA. It is our hope to be out sometime before the 10th of June, but when the cargo trailers and men are ready to load, that is when we will pack up the store.  

The new store has some remodeling to be done and our goal is to reopen by the first of July.  Our new landlord is a wonderful man full of ambition and great ideas to get us off to a new start.  He has gutted the building of its last use (liquor store) and is currently moving walls, sheet rocking, painting, putting down new flooring and maybe, if we can pull it off, a new black and white awning.  (Keep your fingers crossed.)

Our new store will have many of our signature country chic style of garden and home furnishings, shabby chic, French country, new, vintique, gifts, clocks, chandeliers, baby things.......way too many types of things to mention or remember.

The new store will have classroom space for painting classes in the back.  We will be giving classes on how to refinish and recreate furniture, make signs, and things to do with those vintage windows.  The sky is the limit.

Wish us luck as we take on this new adventure.  Watch for updates as we move and start new projects.

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